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The Secretary of M/o Science & Technology besides being Administrative Head of the Ministry is also designated as the Chief Accounting Authority. The Secretary performs the function with the assistance of Financial Adviser and Controller of Accounts.

The Controller of Accounts is the administrative Head of the Accounting Organisation and exercise this function with the assistance of onThe Controller of Accounts is the administrative Head of the Accounting Organisation and exercise this function with the assistance of one Deputy Controller of Accounts, 10 Sr. Accounts Officer/Accounts Officers. The Accounting Organisation comprises of a Pr. Acounts Office (Control), Pay & Accounts Offices located at Delhi (3), Kolkatta (1), Jaipur (1), Hyderabad (1) & Dehradun (1) and an Internal Audit Wing.


As per Civil Accounts Manual, a Principal Accounts Office will function under a Principal Accounts Officer (Pr.CCA/CCA/CA) of Ministry of Science and Technology which shall be responsible for all co-ordinator function of accounts with the Ministry, O/o Controller General of Accounts and other organizations.

• Consolidation of accounts of the Ministry/Department in the manner prescribed by Controller General of Accounts;
• Preparation of Annual Appropriation Accounts of the Demands for Grants controlled by the Ministry/Department, submission of Statement of Central Transactions and material for the Finance Account of the Union Government (Civil) to be sent to the Controller General of Accounts;
• Payment of loans and grants to State Governments through Reserve Bank of India, and wherever it has a drawing account, payment from it to Union Territory Governments/Administrations;
• Preparation of manuals keeping in view the objective of management account system, if any, and rendition of technical advice to Pay and Accounts Offices. It also maintains necessary liaison with CGA’s Office for overall coordination and control in accounting matters;
• Maintaining Appropriation Audit Registers for the Ministry/Department as a whole, in order to watch the progress of expenditure under the various Grants operated on by the Ministry/Department.
• Preparation of Receipt Budge;
• Preparation of Pension Budget.;
• Preparation of Public Account Budget;
• Procuring and supplying cheque books to PAO/Cheque DDOs.
• Verify and reconcile all receipts and payments made on behalf of Ministry of Science & Technology through the accredited Bank, Union Bank of India.

Internal Audit Wing

The Internal Audit Wing carries out audit of accounts of various units of the Ministry to ensure that rules, regulations and procedures prescribed by the Government are adhered to by these units in their day-to-day functioning. It provides valuable information to rectify the procedural omissions and deficiencies and, thus, acts as an aid to the management. The periodicity of audit of a unit is regulated by its nature and volume of work.

Moving beyond the narrow myopic confines of compliance/regulatory audit, internal audit is to focus on:-
• Assessment of adequacy and effectiveness of internal controls in general and soundness of financial system and reliability of financial and accounting reports in particulars.
• Identification and monitoring of risk factors (including those contained in the Outcome Budget).
• Critical assessment of economy, efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery mechanism to ensure value for money and
• Providing an effective monitoring system to facilitate course correction.

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